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Game Recap: UT Arlington vs Seattle U – February 29, 2024

The clash between the UT Arlington Mavericks and the Seattle U Redhawks on February 29, 2024, at the Redhawk Center in Seattle, WA, delivered an exciting show for college basketball fans. UT Arlington clinched a convincing win with a final score of 82-62. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the game.

Match Summary

Final Score:

UT Arlington 82-62 Seattle U


February 29, 2024


Redhawk Center, Seattle, WA



Team Stats

Game Leaders

  • Points:

    S. Wilson (UTA) – 19

  • Boards:

    C. Tyson (SEA) – 9

  • Dimes:

    S. Wilson (UTA) – 7

Player Performance

Scott Wilson from UT Arlington was the standout player of the game, scoring 19 points with a 66.7% shooting accuracy. Meanwhile, Seattle U’s star, Cameron Tyson, showcased his offensive skills by scoring 32 points, albeit with slightly lower shooting efficiency.

Game Info

The match at Redhawk Center in front of 999 spectators saw UT Arlington totally dominating the first half, closing it with a score of 50-21. Despite Seattle U’s efforts to make a comeback in the second half, winning that segment 41-32, it wasn’t enough to overturn the initial disadvantage.

Game Forecast

The matchup between UT Arlington and Seattle U shed light on several aspects regarding the performance and prospects of these teams in the immediate future. Firstly, UT Arlington displayed a clear superiority in terms of shooting efficiency and ball control, proving why they are one of the top-ranked teams in the conference.

UT Arlington

has proven to be a well-balanced team with a strong defense and a notable ability to capitalize on field goal opportunities. Their 46.6% field goal percentage as opposed to Seattle U’s modest 35.1% is a clear indicator of their offensive efficiency. Additionally, with fewer turnovers (7 versus 13), UT Arlington showed better ball control, limiting their opponent’s attacking chances.

On the other hand,

Seattle U

needs to work on their shooting accuracy, especially from the 3-point line, where they only managed a 22.2%. Although Cameron Tyson delivered an outstanding performance with 32 points, the team as a whole requires better coordination to make the most of their scoring opportunities.

Based on the performance observed in this game, it’s likely that UT Arlington will continue their positive streak in the WAC conference and make a deep run in the championships. Their ability to maintain possession and convert shots is a strong indicator of their potential future success. If their stats remain consistent, UT Arlington could be a serious contender for the conference title this year.

In summary, the forecast based on the results of this game suggests that UT Arlington is in an excellent position to progress and enhance their record both within the conference and on the national stage. Conversely, Seattle U will need to adjust some tactics if they aim to improve their performance and be more competitive in future matchups.

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