Forecast Mets vs Nationals in Major League Baseball on 11/07/24.

New York Mets vs Washington Nationals

Live Match for July 11, 2024 – 17:10 UTC

Watch online New York Mets – Washington Nationals

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New York Mets vs Washington Nationals: Head to Head (H2H)

Let’s break down the stats from previous games between these two teams:

  • 04.07.24 MLB: Washington Nationals 1 : 0 New York Mets
  • 03.07.24 MLB: Washington Nationals 7 : 5 New York Mets
  • 02.07.24 MLB: Washington Nationals 2 : 7 New York Mets
  • 01.07.24 MLB: Washington Nationals 7 : 9 New York Mets
  • 05.06.24 MLB: Washington Nationals 1 : 9 New York Mets

Team Overview

In the 10 previous matchups involving the New York Mets, they have secured 6 wins and 4 losses. They score an average of 4.4 points per game, while conceding 6.2 points.

In the last 10 games, the Washington Nationals have achieved 3 victories and 7 losses. The team scores an average of 4.9 points per game and concedes 5.1.


Looking at the stats from previous matchups between the New York Mets and the Washington Nationals, there seems to be a balance in terms of wins and performances. However, in recent games, the New York Mets have shown a better average of points scored and a better ability to respond compared to the Nationals’ defense.

The New York Mets, with a current average of 4.4 points per game, are in a good position to maintain their offense. On the other hand, the Washington Nationals, with a defense that concedes an average of 5.1 points, might struggle to contain the Mets’ attacks. Furthermore, the recent home performances of the Mets, like their last 8-2 victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates, show that the team is in good form and excels especially in front of their own fans.

When it comes to defense, the Nationals have shown some weaknesses, losing by wide margins in recent situations like the 0-6 defeat against the St. Louis Cardinals. This could indicate a vulnerability that the Mets are ready to exploit with their strong offensive line-up.

A key factor will definitely be the Mets’ ability to capitalize on opportunities created by their top batters. With key players showing consistent performances, a good offensive display can be expected. As for the Nationals, if they want to stay in the game, they will need to significantly improve their defense and find ways to limit the damage caused by the Mets’ batters.

In summary, our forecast for the game between the New York Mets and the Washington Nationals on July 11, 2024, is a win for the New York Mets. We predict a final score of 5-3 in favor of the Mets, considering the stats and the current form of both teams. Keep an eye on the key players and their performances, as they could make the difference in the final result.

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