Forecast Miami vs New York (Mets) on Wednesday, June 12th at 7:10 PM baseball.

New York Mets versus Miami Marlins: Live Game on June 12, 2024

The showdown between the

New York Mets

and the

Miami Marlins

will kick off on June 12, 2024, at 11:10 PM UTC. This thrilling matchup in the


is poised to be a high-octane affair, brimming with action and surprises as both teams vie to showcase their prowess on the diamond.

Livestream and How to Watch the Game

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Head-to-Head Statistics (H2H)

The face-offs between

New York Mets


Miami Marlins

have been heated. Here’s a summary of their recent encounters:

Latest Scores, Eh?

  • 06/09/24 MLB: Philadelphia Phillies 6 – 5 New York Mets
  • 06/08/24 MLB: New York Mets 2 – 7 Philadelphia Phillies
  • 06/05/24 MLB: Washington Nationals 1 – 9 New York Mets
  • 06/04/24 MLB: Washington Nationals 3 – 6 New York Mets
  • 06/03/24 MLB: Washington Nationals 7 – 8 New York Mets
  • 06/09/24 MLB: Cleveland Indians 6 – 3 Miami Marlins
  • 06/08/24 MLB: Cleveland Indians 8 – 0 Miami Marlins
  • 06/07/24 MLB: Cleveland Indians 2 – 3 Miami Marlins
  • 06/05/24 MLB: Tampa Bay Rays 5 – 3 Miami Marlins
  • 06/04/24 MLB: Tampa Bay Rays 9 – 5 Miami Marlins


The in-depth analysis of the recently played matches and the statistics of the previous encounters between the New York Mets and the Miami Marlins suggest a very close match. The New York Mets are coming off a streak of wins and tight losses, while the Miami Marlins have shown signs of inconsistency in their recent games.

The New York Mets have had a more solid performance at home, giving them a slight edge in this matchup. Additionally, their key players like Francisco Lindor and Pete Alonso have been in good form, contributing significantly to their recent victories.

On the other hand, the Miami Marlins have shown flashes of brilliance in some games, but their defense has been vulnerable, allowing too many runs against them. For the Marlins, it will be crucial for players like Jazz Chisholm Jr. and Sandy Alcantara to perform at their best to have a chance against the Mets.

Considering all factors, the forecast indicates a victory for the New York Mets. Their ability to score runs at critical moments and their relatively strong defense are decisive in this analysis. As for the final result, it is expected that the Mets will prevail with an approximate score of 7-4, maintaining their dominance in recent direct matchups.

Fans of both teams can expect an exciting game full of action and memorable moments. It will be interesting to see if the Miami Marlins can surprise and break their losing streak, or if the New York Mets will continue their winning trend.

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