Forecast Philadelphia vs Baltimore Sunday June 16 at 13:35 Baseball.

Preview of the Game: Philadelphia Phillies vs Baltimore Orioles

On June 16, 2024, the

Philadelphia Phillies

and the

Baltimore Orioles

will go head-to-head in an exciting MLB match-up. This showdown is expected to be a standout of the season, as both teams have a compelling history and are currently vying for crucial positions in their respective divisions.

Matchup History

The last time these two teams faced off was during the 2024 preseason, in a game that ended with a decisive victory for the Phillies with a score of 8-2. Throughout history, the Philadelphia Phillies have had a superior performance with 27 wins, while the Baltimore Orioles have accumulated 25 victories in direct matchups. The Phillies have an average of 4.4 points earned in these encounters, while the Orioles average 3.9 points.

Team Recap: Philadelphia Phillies

In their last 10 games, the Philadelphia Phillies have shown themselves to be a solid team, winning 7 of these matchups and losing 3. Their performance at home has been impressive, with 5 victories and only 1 defeat. The team has averaged 6.2 points per game and has conceded 3.1 points during that time. Their recent showdown was against the New York Mets, in a game that ended with a score of 7-3 in favor of the Phillies.

Team Recap: Baltimore Orioles

Meanwhile, the Baltimore Orioles have had a mixed performance in the last 10 games, winning 5 and losing 5. Their strength at home has been apparent with 3 wins and 2 losses. The squad has scored an average of 5.1 runs per game and has conceded 4.2 runs. Their most recent matchup was against the Tampa Bay Rays, where the Orioles fell with a score of 4-6.

Game Changer

The key to this match lies in the Orioles’ ability to shut down the powerhouse offense of the Phillies. Baltimore’s bullpen will need to be on top form to contain hitters like Bryce Harper and Rhys Hoskins, who have been lethal this season. On the other hand, the Phillies must focus on maintaining their consistency on the mound, minimizing errors, and keeping control over the Orioles’ batting lineup.

Key Stats

  • The Philadelphia Phillies are sitting pretty at 14-8 at home this season.
  • The Baltimore Orioles have snagged 3 out of their last 5 games on the road.
  • The Phillies are clocking in at an average of 5.6 runs per game, while the Orioles are at a solid 4.8.
  • Phillies’ bullpen is bringing the heat with an effectiveness rating of 3.45, while the Orioles are trailing at 4.12.

Match Forecast

After sizing up both teams’ recent performances, head-to-head stats, and key variables leading up to the next game, it’s time to lay out an educated guess.

Forecast Considerations:

  • The Phillies have been more solid in their home games, giving them a slight edge.
  • Philadelphia’s bullpen has outperformed Baltimore’s throughout the season, a potential game-changer in critical moments.
  • The Phillies’ recent run scoring average is significantly higher than the Orioles’, indicating a stronger offensive capacity in this match.

Based on these factors, the forecast for the match is for the

Philadelphia Phillies

to win by a close margin. With their offensive and defensive prowess, a final score of 6-4 in favor of the Phillies is expected. While the Orioles will fight hard till the end, the combination of a stronger offense and more reliable bullpen will play into the Phillies’ hands, securing their victory in this pivotal encounter for their season’s aspirations.


This matchup between the Philadelphia Phillies and Baltimore Orioles is set to be a real barnburner, with both teams vying to solidify their standing in the league. Fans can anticipate a fierce showdown, but with a slight edge for the Phillies given their recent performance and the key stats that are in favor of the Philadelphia squad.

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