Forecast Philadelphia vs Boston Wednesday June 12 at 7:10 PM Baseball.

Boston Red Sox vs. Philadelphia Phillies: Live Match on June 12, 2024

On June 12, 2024, at 11:10 PM UTC, the Boston Red Sox will take on the Philadelphia Phillies in an exciting Major League Baseball (MLB) showdown. Here, we break down the key match details, including stats, lineups, trends, and forecasts to give you a better grasp of the game’s context and make savvy bets.

Statistics and Lineups

In the most recent head-to-head matchups, the Boston Red Sox have proven to be the stronger team, with 33 wins compared to 25 for the Philadelphia Phillies.

  1. 09.06.24:

    Chicago White Sox 6 – 4 Boston Red Sox

  2. 08.06.24:

    Chicago White Sox 1 – 6 Boston Red Sox

  3. 07.06.24:

    Chicago White Sox 14 – 2 Boston Red Sox

  4. 05.06.24:

    Boston Red Sox 9 – 0 Atlanta Braves

  1. 09.06.24:

    Philadelphia Phillies 6 – 5 New York Mets

  2. 08.06.24:

    New York Mets 7 – 2 Philadelphia Phillies

  3. 05.06.24:

    Philadelphia Phillies 2 – 0 Milwaukee Brewers

  4. 04.06.24:

    Philadelphia Phillies 1 – 2 Milwaukee Brewers

Both teams have had ups and downs in their recent encounters, but the Red Sox have shown a fairly inconsistent form with some heavy losses.

Predictions and Trends

Heading into this match-up, trends and stats suggest it will be a close game. The Boston Red Sox have a slight edge in terms of

historical wins

and recent performance, but the Philadelphia Phillies have put on notable performances against strong teams.

Betting houses have set the following


for the match:

  • Boston Red Sox Victory: 56%
  • Philadelphia Phillies Victory: 44%

It’s clear that the favoritism slightly leans towards the Red Sox, thanks to their history and performance in key matches.

Match Forecast

How is the match expected to end?

Here is the detailed forecast based on the most recent statistics and trends.

The performance of both teams in their recent matches suggests that this will be an exciting encounter. The Red Sox have shown somewhat inconsistent defense but hold the statistical advantage in direct confrontations. On the other hand, the Phillies have had good recent results against strong opponents, putting them in a good position to spring a surprise.

Analyzing the

recent results


  • The Red Sox have suffered heavy defeats recently but have also shown the ability to win by comfortable margins.
  • The Phillies have had a better defensive performance, managing to keep a clean sheet on multiple occasions.
  • Considering each team’s strengths, we are likely to see a high number of runs in the match.

Finally, the form and history between these teams suggest a close outcome. Based on the statistics and recent trends:


Boston Red Sox 5 – 4 Philadelphia Phillies

This scoreline would reflect a closely contested match, with a slight Red Sox dominance based on their offensive capability. It will be crucial to see how they perform in defense against a resilient Philadelphia team. Make sure to follow the match live and adjust your bets accordingly!

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