Forecast Pittsburgh vs St. Louis on Thursday, June 13th at 2:15 PM Baseball.

St. Louis Cardinals vs Pittsburgh Pirates: Live Match on June 13, 2024

The upcoming match between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Pirates is set for June 13, 2024, at 6:15 PM UTC. This thrilling showdown is shaping up to be a standout in the MLB season.

Statistics and Recent Performance

During their last five games:

  • 09.06.24:

    Won 5-1 against the Colorado Rockies

  • 08.06.24:

    Lost 5-6 against the Colorado Rockies

  • 08.06.24:

    Won 8-5 against the Colorado Rockies

  • 06.06.24:

    Lost 2-3 against the Colorado Rockies

  • 05.06.24:

    Won 4-2 against the Houston Astros

During their last five games:

  • 09.06.24:

    Won 11-5 against the Minnesota Twins

  • 08.06.24:

    Won 4-0 against the Minnesota Twins

  • 07.06.24:

    Won 3-0 against the Minnesota Twins

  • 06.06.24:

    Lost 7-11 against the Los Angeles Dodgers

  • 05.06.24:

    Won 10-6 against the Los Angeles Dodgers

Head-to-Head Showdowns

Trends and Predictions

As clearly seen in the recent results and performance of both teams, both the St. Louis Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Pirates have shown some

fierce competition

in their respective games. The Cardinals, in their recent matches, have displayed a mixed performance, whereas the Pirates are coming off a more solid winning streak.


Based on the analysis of the data and the teams’ performance, the forecast for this match is quite intriguing. Looking at the head-to-head aspect, the Cardinals have a slight historical advantage over the Pirates in their recent matchups. However, the Pirates’ recent performance, winning 4 out of their last 5 games, puts them in a strong position.

  • The Cardinals have shown to be


    in their home performance, which could give them the edge in this match.
  • The Pirates, with a recent streak of wins against tough teams, have the momentum on their side.
  • The starting pitchers’ performances from both teams will be crucial. A strong showing from their end could tip the scales in favor of their team.

We anticipate a fiercely contested match where each team will have their moments to shine. Nonetheless, considering the historical advantage and home performance, it’s likely that the Cardinals will clinch the victory with a close scoreline.

Final forecast:

St. Louis Cardinals 5 – 4 Pittsburgh Pirates

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