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Padres vs Mets: Analysis and Forecast of the Game (June 16, 2024)

On the upcoming June 16, 2024, the San Diego Padres are set to take on the New York Mets at the Citi Field in New York City. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the match, featuring stats, weather conditions, and a final prediction.

Match Info


Citi Field, Queens, New York

Date and Time:

June 16, 2024 at 1:40 PM


27°C, with partly cloudy skies

Team Stats

Likely Picks

Recent Performance

  • 10/6/24 vs OAK: W 6-1
  • 9/6/24 vs ARI: L 3-9
  • 8/6/24 vs ARI: W 13-1
  • 7/6/24 vs ARI: W 10-3
  • 6/6/24 vs ARI: L 3-4
  • 9/6/24 vs PHI: W 6-5
  • 8/6/24 vs PHI: L 2-7
  • 5/6/24 in WSH: W 9-1
  • 4/6/24 in WSH: W 6-3
  • 3/6/24 in WSH: W 8-7

Injury Report

Team Analysis

The Padres come in with a balanced record of 35-35. They shine in their lineup with

Fernando Tatis Jr.

, the team leader with 13 dingers and a .280 batting average, and

Jake Cronenworth

, the RBI leader with 45. On the mound, Dylan Cease has been crucial with an ERA of 3.36 and 101 Ks in 83.0 innings.

On the other side, the Mets hold a 28-36 record. Pete Alonso stands out with 14 bombs and 32 RBIs, while Starling Marte maintains a .280 batting average. As for pitching, Tylor Megill has posted a 3.00 ERA, though he’s only thrown 21 innings this season.

Final Forecast

Based on the analysis of statistics, recent performance, and weather conditions, it’s possible to predict how the matchup between the San Diego Padres and the New York Mets will unfold. Despite both teams experiencing ups and downs, the Padres appear to have a slight edge due to their more consistent pitching and somewhat stronger batting.

Dylan Cease has proven to be a key pillar in the Padres’ rotation, with a high strikeout rate and controlled ERA. In contrast, while Tylor Megill has shown solid performance with the Mets, his limited innings could be a factor to consider in terms of his durability and ability to face a lineup like the Padres’.

Additionally, the Padres’ recent series of victories over the Mets in previous matchups also plays an important role. The Padres have shown they can handle the pressure and overcome the Mets in critical games, which may influence their confidence heading into this upcoming match.

Taking all factors into consideration, our prediction is that the San Diego Padres will win the game with a close but favorable score, possibly around 5-3. This is due to the combination of Cease’s strong pitching and sufficient offensive production from Tatis Jr. and Cronenworth.

For betting purposes, we recommend considering a Padres’ victory and betting on a minimal run difference, given the competitive and tight nature expected for this game. Additionally, the weather will be ideal for the game, which should benefit both teams and allow for a dynamic and thrilling encounter.

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