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Connecticut Sun vs. Indiana Fever: Prediction, Picks, and Odds – June 10, 2024

The matchup between the Connecticut Sun (9-1) and the Indiana Fever (3-9) on June 10, 2024, promises to be a showstopper. The Connecticut Sun, led by the unstoppable DeWanna Bonner averaging 18.8 points per game, will take on the Indiana Fever with rising star Caitlin Clark, scoring an average of 16.8 points. The game will be held at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut, and will tip off at 7:00 PM ET, airing on NBA TV, NBCS-BOS, and WTHR-13.

Information about the Match

  • Date:

    Monday, June 10, 2024

  • Time:

    7:00 PM ET

  • How to Watch:

    NBA TV, NBCS-BOS and WTHR-13 (some region-specific restrictions may apply)

  • Venue:

    Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, Connecticut

Game Stats

Betting Record

Key Players

  • DeWanna Bonner:

    10 GMS, 18.8 PTS, 5.9 BOARDS, 2.1 DIME, 1.4 THIEVES, 0.6 SWAT, 1.5 SPLASHES

  • Brionna Jones:

    10 GMS, 13.3 POINTS, 4.7 REBOUNDS, 1.4 ASSISTS, 1.6 STEALS, 0.3 BLOCKS

  • Alyssa Thomas:

    10 GMS, 12.7 POINTS, 9.6 REBOUNDS, 8.6 ASSISTS, 1.3 STEALS, 0.6 BLOCKS

  • DiJonai Carrington:

    10 GMS, 11.9 POINTS, 5 REBOUNDS, 2.1 DIME, 0.6 STEAL, 0.4 BLOCK, 0.2 TRIPLES

  • Tyasha Harris:

    10 GMS, 10.7 POINTS, 1.9 BOARDS, 3.4 ASSISTS, 1 THEFT, 0.1 SWAT, 1.7 TRIPLES

  • Caitlin Clark:

    12 GAMES, 16.8 POINTS, 5.3 REBOUNDS, 6.3 DIMES, 1.5 STEALS, 0.9 BLOCKS, 2.8 TRIPLES

  • Kelsey Mitchell:

    12 GAMES, 15.2 POINTS, 1.3 BOARDS, 2.1 ASSISTS, 0.8 STEALS, 0.1 BLOCK, 2 TRIPLES

  • NaLyssa Smith:

    12 GAMES, 11.8 POINTS, 7.3 REBOUNDS, 1 DIME, 0.9 STEALS, 0.9 BLOCKS, 0.8 TRIPLES

  • Aliyah Boston:

    12 GAMES, 10.3 POINTS, 6.6 REBOUNDS, 2.4 DIME, 0.8 STEALS, 1 BLOCK, 0.3 TRIPLES

  • Kristy Wallace:

    11 GAMES, 5.8 POINTS, 2.5 BOARDS, 2.2 DIME, 1.1 THEFT, 0.3 BLOCK, 0.8 TRIPLES

Match Forecast

Analyzing the stats and recent performances, it’s clear that the Connecticut Sun are the top picks to win the showdown against the Indiana Fever. With a 9-1 record and the best defensive average in points allowed per game (70.6), the Sun look formidable. On the flip side, the Fever, with a 3-9 record and an average of 89.8 points given up per game, are facing significant defensive challenges.

Another point in favor of the Sun is their ability to handle pressure, being undefeated as favorites (9-0) and boasting a high moneyline betting success rate. DeWanna Bonner and Alyssa Thomas’ plays are ensuring solidity and versatility in both offence and defense.

On the other hand, the Fever will heavily rely on Caitlin Clark and Kelsey Mitchell to stay competitive. However, considering the current stats, it seems unlikely they can overturn the predictions. Even though the Fever are showing an improvement in three-point shooting percentages compared to the Sun (33.1% against 28.7%), their defensive vulnerability poses a significant weakness.

We predict that the game might see the Sun dominate both in terms of score and game control. The projected final score is Sun 87, Fever 72. With a strong defense and well-organized offense, the Sun should be able to retain the lead throughout the match. Betting enthusiasts may consider placing their bets on the Sun given their recent performance and current odds.

With a solid victory margin, not only should the Sun cover the -12.5 spread but also keep the total score under 161.5 points, indicating a tight match where defense will play a crucial role.

In conclusion, our forecast for the June 10th match sees the Connecticut Sun triumph, solidifying their high position in the WNBA standings and leaving the Indiana Fever to keep seeking solutions to improve their season.

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