Prediction Cincinnati vs Pittsburgh Tuesday June 18 at 18:40 baseball.

Cincinnati vs Pittsburgh Betting Matchup & Odds – June 18, 2024

On June 18, 2024, the Cincinnati Reds will take on the Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, PA. This showdown holds major importance for both squads as they strive to climb the ranks in the National League Central Division. Below, we’ll dive into team stats, player showings, and injury updates to assist you in making a savvy betting choice.

Team Performance Overview

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Betting Matchup Insights

Let’s take a look at the betting odds for this game, eh? Both the Cincinnati Reds and the Pittsburgh Pirates have their strengths and weaknesses to keep in mind. The Reds, sitting at a 33-35 record, excel at getting players on base and using their speed to steal bases — they’re second in stolen bases this season, eh. Their current ERA of 3.87 also shows off their pretty decent pitching staff. But their batting average of .226 and tendency for errors might cause some worries, eh.

Now, the Pittsburgh Pirates are coming in with a 32-36 record. Their offense has been a bit up and down, as seen in their 25th-ranked batting average of .228 and on-base percentage of .299, eh. The pitching staff has a solid 3.91 ERA, and the team has been better at keeping errors in check compared to previous seasons. Players like Brian Reynolds are stepping up, so the Pirates are looking to make the most of their home-field advantage, eh.


Based on the data provided, the Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates are set to have a tight matchup on June 18, 2024. The Reds have been more consistent offensively, showing better situational hitting and aggressiveness on the base paths. Their focus on small ball could lead to many scoring chances against the Pirates’ pitchers.

Despite recent struggles, the Pirates have had flashes of potential through standout performances by players like Brian Reynolds and Paul Skenes. Their success will hinge on minimizing defensive errors and capitalizing on any chances created by the Reds’ mistakes.


Taking into account both teams’ current form, the Reds have the upper hand with strong pitching from Nick Lodolo and aggressive baserunning. The Pirates, playing at home, have been inconsistent and could be vulnerable to the Reds’ all-around batting and pitching depth.

Projected Score: Cincinnati Reds 5, Pittsburgh Pirates 3.

The Reds are expected to come out on top by using their speed on the bases and solid pitching from Lodolo to contain the Pirates’ offense.

Bettors should keep these factors in mind and stay alert for any last-minute injury updates or lineup changes before finalizing their bets. This game promises to be an exciting showdown between division rivals, making it a must-watch for baseball fans and bettors alike.

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