Forecasts for Charlotte versus DC United on 24/06/16.

Charlotte FC vs DC United: Forecast, Stats, and Betting Pointers

On June 16, 2024, Charlotte FC is set to welcome DC United at the Bank of America Stadium. Both squads are itching to leave their mark, with Charlotte aiming to keep riding high on their success, while DC United is bent on changing their luck this season. This write-up offers an in-depth review of each team’s statistics, historical showings, and projections for this eagerly awaited MLS showdown.

Team Overview

Charlotte FC has been a bit up and down in their recent games. They managed a tight 3-2 win against Atlanta United in their last match, showing what they’re capable of on the pitch. Over the past five league games, they’ve had two wins, two draws, and one loss. However, their current position in the Eastern Conference with 25 points indicates they need to work on their consistency.

Key stats for Charlotte FC:

  • They only had 39% possession against Atlanta United
  • They didn’t create any big scoring opportunities in the last match
  • Managed 3 corner kicks
  • Achieved 4 shots on target

DC United has been facing some tough times lately. They haven’t won any of their last five league games, with three losses and two draws. Their most recent match ended in a 2-2 draw against Toronto FC, where Toronto ended the game with only nine players on the field. This poor performance has put DC United in a desperate situation to secure a win and boost their position in the standings.

Key stats for DC United:

  • Possessed the ball 58% of the time against Toronto FC
  • Created 4 big scoring opportunities
  • Had 10 corner kicks
  • Registered 8 shots on target

Face to Face

In the last five showdowns between Charlotte FC and DC United, both sides have each taken two wins, and one match ended in a draw. This direct competition history indicates an evenly matched rivalry, adding even more excitement to the upcoming game.

Statistical Analysis and Forecasts

Judging by recent showings and number crunching, Charlotte FC appears to hold a slight advantage over DC United. Charlotte’s knack for finding the back of the net more often and sustaining a more consistent performance puts them in the lead for this showdown. In contrast, DC United’s defense has been wavering, evident in their struggle to maintain clean sheets on a regular basis.

Match Details:

  • In 4 out of 5 previous encounters, the match ended with over 2.5 goals
  • In 4 out of 5 previous encounters, the match concluded with fewer than 4.5 cards shown
  • There’s a higher likelihood that Charlotte FC will clinch victory in this fixture

Wagering Pointers

  • 3-Way Total:

    Go for Charlotte FC to Score Over 1 Goal with Odds of 1.89

  • Double Chance:

    Place your bet on Charlotte FC to Win or Draw and Over 1.5 Goals with Odds of 1.62

  • Final Score:

    Opt for Charlotte FC to Win with Odds of 2.05

Match Forecast: Detailed Prediction

Based on the detailed stats and recent form, it’s expected that Charlotte FC will come out on top in this match. They’ve proven they can clinch victories even when not at their best. Their recent win against Atlanta United, along with DC United’s struggles in defense, suggests that Charlotte is likely to bag all three points in this clash.

DC United, who haven’t won any of their last five games, will face a major challenge with their defense. Having conceded a total of 31 goals this season, their defensive frailties are a big worry. While they managed to grab a draw against Toronto FC in their last outing, keeping a clean sheet continues to be a hurdle. DC United will have to tighten up their defense if they aim to pose a threat to Charlotte FC.

The game is expected to see Charlotte FC bossing possession and creating more scoring opportunities. They boast better possession stats and a sharper edge in front of goal compared to DC United. This is likely to result in Charlotte dictating the pace of the match, especially with the backing of their home crowd.

Another key factor to consider is the goal count. Past data shows that games between these two sides often end with over 2.5 goals, hinting at an attacking spectacle. Given Charlotte’s attacking prowess and DC United’s defensive woes, the forecast leans towards a goal-filled game favoring Charlotte.

In conclusion, the predicted final score is Charlotte FC 3-1 DC United.

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