Forecasts for New York Red Bulls vs Nashville SC on 16/06/24.

New York Red Bulls vs Nashville SC – Game Preview, Predictions & Analysis

The upcoming MLS match between the

New York Red Bulls


Nashville SC

on June 16th, 2024, is expected to be a real showdown, eh. Here, we dig into a deep analysis and give some predictions using all sorts of stats and past records. The game will go down at the mighty Red Bull Arena in Harrison, USA.

Match Infos

  • Over the past 6 face-offs, New York Red Bulls pocketed 3 wins, 3 showdowns settled for a tie, and Nashville SC hasn’t clinched a single win.
  • The goal gap in those clashes sits at 5-1 favouring New York Red Bulls.
  • Last season’s battles ended in a goalless draw at Red Bull Arena and a 0-1 win for Nashville SC on their own turf.
  • New York Red Bulls have nailed down 3 straight home victories in the MLS.
  • New York Red Bulls find the back of the net with 24% of their goals between minutes 46-60.

Current Performance

Expected Lineups & Players to Watch

  • Setup: 4-4-2
  • Players to Watch: Carlos Harper, Daniel Edelman, Dante Vanzeir
  • Bumps & Bruises: Andres Reyes (Defender), Peter Stroud (Midfielder), Ronald Donkor (Midfielder), Serge Ngoma (Forward), Roald Mitchell (Forward)
  • Setup: 4-2-3-1
  • Players to Watch: Walker Zimmerman, Hany Mukhtar, Sam Surridge
  • No boo-boos reported

Data Analysis

Face-Off Figures

Match Forecast

Drawing on a deep dive into the form and recent showings of both squads, we craft our forecast for the ultimate score.

Final Analysis

The New York Red Bulls have been holding it down at home with a solid winning streak in recent games. Their lineup and star players have been executing a solid game plan, especially with their 4-4-2 formation that plays to their strengths in the midfield and defense. On the flip side, Nashville SC has been dealing with some hurdles, especially when it comes to turning draws into wins.

Key stats show that the New York Red Bulls tend to score more goals in the second half, particularly between the 46th and 60th minutes. This detail could be crucial for live betting strategies. Meanwhile, Nashville SC, while racking up draws, has struggled with scoring goals, especially in games away from home.

Throughout history, the New York Red Bulls have never lost to Nashville SC, and having the home field advantage only enhances their dominance. The goal difference further highlights New York’s solid defense, as they’ve let in fewer goals at the Red Bull Arena compared to other MLS teams.

Taking these factors into account, and considering the teams’ physical and strategic readiness, it looks like the New York Red Bulls will keep riding their wave of victories. Nashville SC, despite their defensive resilience, might find it tough to outplay the hosts.

Forecast: New York Red Bulls 3-0 Nashville SC

The expected result for the game is a solid win for the New York Red Bulls, clinching a 3-0 victory against Nashville SC. Their impressive performance at home, strategic prowess, and standout player efforts substantiate this calculated forecast.

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