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La comunità di trasmissione Warzone sta affrontando una resa dei conti questa settimana, dopo che sono stati accusati di misoginia.

Settembre 27, 2021

The greater Warzone Streaming community is facing a reckoning this week, after several Warzone streamers spoke out against the sexist abuse towards female streamers that they often receive from other Warzone streamers and their communities.

In a latest backlash against sexism in Warzone comes in response to numerous comments made by ClutchBelk and his community last weekend, in which his sexism was highlighted by NYSL and Queen Shadows of Florida Mutineer to the wider Warzone community via twitter. Where his aggressive sexist comments towards women have been pointed out by multiple female streamers over the past year.

ClutchBelk’s response to his disrespectful behavior was to play the victim in two Tweets which were later deleted, in which he could be seen claiming he was being cancelled while mocking people who criticized him for having a smaller audience than him.

In the latest discussion about sexism in the Warzone community, the focus was on how male Warzone streamers treat female streamers. Multiple big names in the community such as Swish, Queen Shadows, Number1Girl, Dougdagnabbit, NRG Isaac, Zlaner and others have come forward to condemn sexism and support female Warzone streamers.