“Ibra, il re degli anni: tutti i record che lo rendono il marcatore più anziano della Serie A”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a 41-year-old footballer, has become the oldest scorer in Serie A, overtaking another Milan player, Alessandro “Billy” Costacurta, who also scored a penalty against Udinese. Ibrahimovic expressed his pride in entering the history of Milan, a great club with a great history and great players who have done great things. He added another record to his incredible career. Ibrahimovic had always said that when he decided to retire, he would do so by playing at the highest level and not by spending his time in the homeland of baseball.

The impact of Ibrahimovic’s return to Milan was clear: in January 2020, he scored against Cagliari and achieved an incredible milestone by scoring in the national championship in four different decades. In the meantime, the boy from Rosengård has become one of the best players of the last 30 years and the best Swedish footballer of all time, breaking records along the way. He is the only player to have scored at least 50 goals for both Inter and Milan in Serie A, the only foreigner to have won the top scorer award with two different teams, both from the same city.

Ibrahimovic has played in seven different countries and is the only player to have scored in a Klassiker in the Netherlands, in the Derby della Madonnina, in the Derby d’Italia, in the Clasico in Spain, in the Barcelona derby, in the Classique in France, in the Manchester derby, and in the North-West derby in England, as well as those in Los Angeles and California.

Although he cannot become the oldest scorer in the Champions League because he is not on the list, Ibrahimovic has an unparalleled record of scoring with six different teams: Ajax, Juventus, Inter, Barcelona, Milan, and Paris Saint-Germain. It was clear from his debut in the tournament, with a double against Lyon in the Ajax shirt. Speaking of debuts, he also scored in his first game in Serie A (Brescia-Juventus in 2004), LaLiga, Ligue 1, the Premier League, and even the MLS. This is also a record.

During his years at Paris Saint-Germain, Ibrahimovic set the record for the most goals in a single tournament (38, in 2015/16) and in a single season, counting all competitions (50, also in 2015/16). He also had a sequence of nine consecutive games scoring and the fastest hat-trick ever (9 minutes). In England, they had advised him not to go, as he was already 35 years old, but he took the opportunity to become the oldest player to score at least 15 goals in a single season. He scored the 25,000th goal in the Premier League.

In his home country of Sweden, no footballer had won more than two Guldbollen, the Swedish Ballon d’Or, before him. Ibrahimovic managed to win 12 of them. He is the only player to have scored with Sweden in three different European Championships and, of course, the all-time top scorer.

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