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22Bet is a company of Russian origin, founded in 2017, as well as one of the most important and famous online casinos on the international market.

Do you want to know how this bookmaker really works ? 22bet Canada is a super reliable online bookmaker and with its super bonus of 100% up to €122 ! Collect your welcome bonus now.


More precisely, it was born from a company with physical headquarters in Cyprus, Techsolutions Group Limited,  which has been involved in the field of online gambling for well over twenty years. 

Despite apparently being born recently, 22Bet is one of the most reliable and currently in vogue bookmakers , especially known in Canada, both among young bettors and among the most veterans in the sector.

On its part, in fact, 22Bet offers a very rich catalogue, designed and developed to satisfy everyone's needs and habits through many different and unique types of games, and by providing tailor-made bonuses and promotions , which can be distributed and used on all the categories provided by the casinos, sports and non-sports games.

Not only that, to increase usability, and therefore the use of the site, the 22Bet site was built for learning over 50 different languages, to consolidate its presence on a global level. 

Obviously, it is obvious but necessary to say that 22Bet operates in a totally legal and safe way, and in fact its activity is supervised and authorized by the eGaming Authority , dating back to the island of Curacao . 

Although it does not therefore have an AAMS/ADM license, 22Bet is verified to be a fully compliant online gaming platform with transparent communication, also making use of, in addition to an internationally valid license, an https protocol for the encryption and protection of all data that can be considered sensitive, relating both to purely personal information entered on 22BET Canada, and to more complex and delicate operations such as online transactions.

For these reasons, 22Bet can be counted as one of the best brands and bookmakers around for betting on online games and sporting events. 

Its great strength is also the ease of use of the site, simple and intuitive even for those who are not used to doing this type of online activity, with great cleanliness and visual clarity.


  1. How can I register on 22bet?
  2. Can I make sports bets on 22Bet?
  3. Does 22Bet offer high odds for online betting? 
  4. Can I bet live on 22 Bet live?
  5. Which E-sports and virtual games can I bet on at 22BET?
  6. Can I play online casino at 22Bet Casino?
  7. How can I get the 22Bet welcome bonus?
  8. Does 22Bet have an app for Android and iOS?
  9. Is 22Bet safe?
  10. How can I deposit or withdraw on 22BET Online?
  11. Opinions and Reviews of 22Bet
  12. 22Bet information sheet
  13. FAQ (frequently asked questions) about 22Bet
  1. How can I register on 22bet?
  2. Can I make sports bets on 22Bet?
  3. Does 22Bet offer high odds for online betting? 
  4. Can I bet live on 22 Bet live?
  5. Which E-sports and virtual games can I bet on at 22BET?
  6. Can I play online casino at 22Bet Casino?
  7. How can I get the 22Bet welcome bonus?
  8. Does 22Bet have an app for Android and iOS?
  9. Is 22Bet safe?
  10. How can I deposit or withdraw on 22BET Online?
  11. Opinions and Reviews of 22Bet
  12. 22Bet information sheet
  13. FAQ (frequently asked questions) about 22Bet

How can I register on 22bet?

22Bet has a registration mode accessible to anyone. In fact, to be able to start using the platform's services, simply go to the 22Bet Casino homepage and click on the " register " section, then complete the registration form and accept the conditions of use provided for by the law, after having entered the type of currency with which you intend to bet.

Obviously, as a security measure, 22Bet requires a scan of identity documents to ensure that anyone registering on the site has actually reached at least the age of 18 required by contract.

Can I make sports bets on 22Bet?

22Bet offers a program  of sporting events that is nothing short of enormous, which includes both the most well-known and the most niche games on the market at the same time. In fact, it will be possible to place numerous bets on:

  • The classic tournaments and events of Football , Basketball , Boxing , Rugby and the UFC  world ;
  • On competitive matches of tennis , table tennis, badminton and the various  martial arts  available; 
  • On the spectacular plays of Ice Hockey , Snooker, Floorball and Netball;
  • On the various clashes and competitions relating to the world of Volleyball,  Handball  ,  beach  volleyball, baseball and  Australian rules football  and  Gaelic football; 
  • On games of skill such as darts , cricket , billiards , golf and chess; 
  • On the many and vast  formula one races , Auto Race, AntePost Horse and Trotting Races  , Cycling, Motorcycles  and including horse racing  and  greyhound racing;
  • The lesser known and more niche games such as: Hurling , Keyring , Boat Regatta , Pesäpallo , Futsal , Speedway, Surfing, Trotting and Pools  and Motor Sports; 
  • On specialist and public interest sectors such as weather and politics  and special bets ; 
  • On everything with a gaming theme such as eSports, TV games.  Find out more about 22Bet…

Does 22Bet offer high odds for online betting? 

Regarding the markets where you can bet, especially in football, 22Bet has a great choice. In fact, you can, among many, place bets on some of the most famous ones in circulation including Under/over , Goal/No Goal , or, to go even deeper and more detailed, you can bet on the exact result of the match, on that final and on the two halves of play, to also get to the various types of handicaps, the number and names of goals, cards and expulsions, and others still to be discovered directly by playing.

As if that wasn't enough, it is also possible to have great freedom over the currency of the individual odds, where 22Bet allows you to use both the English, American and Asian decimal, and also covering the Malaysian, Indonesian and even fractional ones.

We therefore assure you that the market is constantly monitored by the 22Bet team, which, depending on events, modifies the odds and updates the reference parameters relating to each sector included in the bets, in order to guarantee the best experience for everyone. 

NBA Odds

Then taking a look at the world of basketball, 22Bet, according to the data, proved to be the best bookmaker for setting odds on basketball, as it was successful for the following trends and parameters:

  • best odds on the 2 top teams in the League: the  Los Angeles Lakers and the Milwaukee Bucks .
  • best odds for Over 224 in relation to the NBA
  • best odds for the Asian Handicap
  • odds with advantages on all bets relating to the world of the NBA, American and otherwise, globally

Are there special or political bets on 22Bet Canada?

After having focused and explored all the possibilities that 22Bet offers for the world of sports betting, let's now take a look at the other types of markets where you can play while having fun and without any legal or other problems. 

Two of these, on which 22Bet particularly focuses, are political bets and those defined as special.

These types of bets are important and profitable, as they allow you to place bets  on events of global importance such as festivals and television shows , or even more specifically on  events and political intrigues in the public domain, such as for example the fate of the throne of England or future elections, whether papal or presidential.

In fact, these trends are so large and widespread that a simple rumor via the web or official declaration could cause the value of the shares connected to them to vary, thus causing continuous market fluctuations. Read more about 22Bet…

Regarding these special bets, it is also possible to place predictions on certain political parties competing for the different factional contests relating to the different types of elections.

These areas are so large, therefore, that the possibilities offered by the game are many, and all attractive and unique in their kind.

Can I bet live on 22 Bet live?

Recently, the so-called Live bets have proven to be very popular and appreciated , i.e. those bets that have the possibility of being placed by users in real time, while the various matches around the world are in full swing. This allows for even greater and direct involvement of the players, who will be able to estimate the progress of the match and predict its conclusion while it is underway. The sporting events on which 22Bet allows you to place live are numerous, in fact all those listed above will be available, of which you will find the complete list. Continue and read more about 22Bet Casino…

Not only that, for those few games that cannot allow the Live option, the Live Ticker mode is still available,  which in any case allows continuous monitoring of changes in the match, so as not to lose sight of anything and always stay updated on the 'placed activity.

live games nevertheless have the same possibilities and advantages offered by the odds for pre-match games, which allow exceptional and competitive prices for each game, with immediate payments and collections as soon as the matches come to an end.

Which E-sports and virtual games can I bet on at 22BET?

Lastly, but certainly not least, we present to you the in-depth analysis dedicated to those bets relating to the world of virtual games , thanks to which you will also have the freedom to place bets on games capable of recreating the environment and the dynamics of the game in question, such as horse racing and auto racing, or games ranging from Baseball  to Speedway .

All competitions, these, which you will have the possibility to catch up on in a separate location also in live streaming, this option also having excellent quality and simple and quick use.

These virtual events are so safe and complete thanks to the best international providers on the market, with which 22Bet is proud to be associated; some of these, among the most infamous, are: Edge Gaming , 1×2 Gaming , Global Bet and nSoft . Thanks to their software and the continuous monitoring and updating of the latter, the odds will always be truthful and safe, and the risk of false winnings and possible cheating tricks are totally avoided.

To give you an example of how a virtual game works, let's take football and related football competitions; on them it is possible to bet for short matches, which last around 5 minutes, with an interval between one and the other of just 2 minutes to be able to make your bet. This obviously can be applied to any competition, even the most prestigious ones such as the debated Champions League.  Read more about 22Bet Betting…

It will even be possible to place bets on cockfights, obviously all faithfully and ad hoc recreated in a totally safe and accessible virtual environment. Here too, as with all the other games, it will be possible to bet on who will be the winner or on how long the fight will last.

And don't worry, because placing a bet on virtual games is as easy as placing normal bets on real events, and indeed does not require you to be informed about the starting conditions and predictions of the match.

In addition to sports, political and virtual games, 22Bet also offers players a schedule entirely dedicated to prestigious PvP competitive video game tournaments and championships. 

How to access the eSports section

First of all, just go to the 22bet Casino website , and once you reach the destination home page, you will go to the category at the top called "more", once clicked, the section dedicated to eSports will appear.

Among the many available, the following stand out, the most well-known and played by far:

  • Counter Strike : Counter Strike Go, called even more precisely by CS:GO enthusiasts , which stands for Global Offensive, is part, like call of duty, of the shooter video game genre. The game focuses entirely on achieving certain objectives depending on the game mode or match. In fact, the teams foreseen in battle are of 2 types: the terrorists, i.e. the besiegers, and the anti-terrorists, who will have to counter them properly in a fight to the death that will end only after one of the 2 sides reaches a total of 16 victories; 
  • LoL , or, said in its entirety,  League of Legends , which is perhaps the most active multiplayer of the last decades. The basic game is very simple; you will have to destroy the enemy base, the so-called opposing Nexus, which in its contest will see 2 teams of five players each clash, for a total of 3 rounds; 
  • CODE  In recent times, Call Of Duty has managed to establish itself again in the gaming market. For the few who don't know it, it is a video game from the FPS genre , where gamers clash in teams or free-for-all in tactical or bloody battles themed around modern warfare. All made even more realistic by the solution of using the first person; Read more about 22Bet esports betting…
  • StarCraft 2 : video game that is wrapped around the concept of RPG , or role-playing game, which consists first of all in the choice of a race among the 3 total that the game makes available; the Zerg, the Protoss and the Terrans. Once you have chosen who you want to be, you will create your army and dive into the attack against the rival factions for the supremacy of the clan and the dominion of the territories; 
  • Dota 2 : Dota, specifically the second video game of the saga, is also a competitive multiplayer, similar in world building and game modes to the aforementioned and more infamous LoL. In fact, it too takes advantage of a fantasy and overwhelming setting, which sees multiple teams battling within it, also made up of 5 players each, all sharing the same objective: to conquer the enemy tower through varied and peculiar tactics to be used in field.

It is useless to remember, in any case, that these are just some of the great offers in the 22Bet catalogue, which also includes other video games that are today primary and still deserve a mention, such as the great  Rainbow Six Siege , Overwatch ,  FIFA and Valorant , just to mention those best known. 

For each of the eSports  provided, you will naturally have the opportunity to test the different modes and settings aimed at placing individual bets related to the type of game chosen. However, to play properly, it is good to stick to certain guidelines.

To explain better, let's take real sports as a reference; they, unlike eSports, base their bets not on the smaller or less well-known teams, but rather on the larger and more popular ones. 

In eSports, however, the issue is not so linear; in fact, depending on the type of game I'm going to bet on, there may be numerous surprises and unexpected actions, and a great team could suddenly lose against a recently formed one, depending on how much you know the map or the game mode in question . 

This certainly allows for more unpredictability and spectacularity, because until the end of the match the outcome of the match or battle will never be certain, and each of the 2 counterparts in the game could come out on top at the last minute. Read more on the official 22BET website…

To understand how to analyze and learn about all these factors and game variations that determine the fate of matches, we advise you to follow the matches already played on the respective  eSPorts-themed Twitch and Youtube channels .

22Bet International Football Pools Exclusive:

As a gem in its schedule , 22Bet focuses on the exclusivity of  TotoCalcio , traceable and accessible from the category dedicated to the Jackpot . 

As many know, TotoCalcio is a market niche that has evolved over time and has become increasingly larger and more solid, even surpassing the global scope of normal football. 

The game basically consists of predicting the results of a number that is usually around the standard of 14 games , through the bet placed on a specific football card. 

Subsequently, the overall winner will be the first to achieve the outcome of all 14 games. From here we then climb down the categories which go up to the sixth for prizes. 

For this purpose, the 22Bet platform, in relation to the TotoCalcio sector, offers a daily catalog where you can bet on 14 matches, both national and international; each of these has 3 different betting options: home win , away win and that relating to a possible draw .

In the event that the matches on which you have placed your bets are suspended, canceled or postponed, do not despair, 22Bet has also thought of this, directly providing any refund on the bet placed.

As for the prize money , as per the standards of international TotoCalcio, it will be divided and distributed in relation to the number of matches guessed. This system can be defined as Betting Pool , and its purpose is to bring together and analyze all bets made. 

After this step, the prize money will be assigned on a percentage basis for the six designated categories; the one who falls into the first will receive the amount of 35% on the prize money for the 14 successful results, while from the second category the percentage will decrease from 20% up to the minimum standard of 10%  as one goes from 14 victories up to 9 points that fall into the sixth category, i.e. the minimum in which to reside to receive part of the total prize money.

Another additional option that 22Bet brings compared to the normal Totocalcio is the possibility of also betting on the jackpot, which will be included in the available events by climbing up respectively at the draw of the 14 results guessed by the players. 

Can I play online casino at 22Bet Casino?

Like every Fantastic Bookmaker, 22Bet  also has a magnificent choice dedicated to lovers of both virtual and online casinos. So whatever your favorite games are, you will certainly find something you like on 22Bet. 

As already mentioned, the simplicity of the platform guarantees an easier search for the games and sections you want to access. 

You will be able to easily make your choice through the Providers:  an expert player already knows which manufacturer creates ideal games for themselves, perhaps you already have your favorite and with your simple button shown on the left of the page dedicated to the 22Bet casino,  under the sections of games. 

Once you enter the 22Bet Casino you will first see the weekly competitions and recent winners. You will then find a wide assortment of games with a division into the various game and slot categories on the left, with direct selection buttons for the Providers, so that you can only view games from that provider, such as: Absolute Gaming, N2 Live, Sa Gaming, Evolution Gaming and many others… 

Choose from the "new" games, your " favourites " (which you can report by clicking on the star of the game itself), the most " popular ", " Roulette ", " Poker ", " BlackJack ", " Baccarat ". Within each of them you will find Live Casinos  and Virtual Casino Games.

How does the live casino work?

The Casino version of 22Bet is truly fabulous with a variety of real rooms connected in streaming with the best cameras, to guarantee a more than perfect view for users. 

The Croupiers are the real ones, in flesh and blood, present in the Casino rooms, in front of the cameras. They manage the game from there, interacting with you through chat. Other players can also communicate with you via chat.

Thanks to the suppliers chosen by 22Bet (Ezugi, HOGaming, Pragmatic, SuperSpades, Vivo Gaming….) the platform in its Casino world makes available, 

Slot: Demi Gods III, Lemur Vegas, Book Of Dragon Ball, Viking Victory, Trump It…

Megaways: The Ruby, Dragon Match, Neptune’s Fortune, Western Gold…

Poker: English Casino Hold’Em (by Vivo Gaming), Side Bet City (by Evolution Gaming), Tenpatti 20 20 (by SuperSpades), solo le migliori sale Live di Poker;

Baccarà: Bulgaria Baccarat (by Vivo Gaming), Baccarat Live 13 (by N2-Live), X Baccarat M3 (by Lucky Streak), Vip Gold Baccarat (by XPG)…

Roulette : Roulette (by Fazi), Princess Casino (by Alg), Live Roulette RU (by Atmosfera),

American and Spanish Roulette (by Vivo Gaming)…

Black Jack: Black-Jack 7 (byLucky Streak), Speed BlackJack D (by Evolution Gaming), Turkish BlackJack (by Vivo Gaming), Unlimited Black Jack (by XPG).

The gaming limits at the 22Bet tables are really interesting: from 50 cents to 5 thousand euros. What are you waiting for to try it?

Slot Machines

Variety and quality are the key words of the 22bet slot machine section . It is practically impossible not to find games that you like in this sector, as there is a gigantic variety of games for all tastes. Many of them have a free trial option so you can get to know the games before putting any money into them.

Whether you are a player who loves old classic reel designs or you prefer to use the latest technology slot games, at 22bet you can find the  most popular slots  on the gaming market. The choice is yours.

To select the slot  you want to play, you can go directly to the general slot machine menu or you can search directly in the menu on the left of your screen which separates them by gaming software provider. 

Slot Progressive 22Bet

In addition to classic slots , 22bet presents a very interesting amount of progressive slots , which have a basic jackpot that grows every time a player uses it and offers the chance to win a lot of money if luck smiles on you. To increase the chances of winning, it is important to say that  the RTP, Return to Player , is quite advantageous for the player .

Megaways Slot Machine 22Bet

In the 22bet megaways slots section , this fantastic platform presents the most popular and most requested titles in the online casino market. Among the most popular and with a high RTP to make them more attractive you can find Dragon Match, Majestic, Shinning King, Aztec Gold and many others.

One of the major attractions of megaways is the possibility of game combinations , which are almost 118,000 possibilities . The visual structure of megaways consists of six reels, so in your game you can get 2 to 7 symbols per spin which translates into many possible combinations that improve your chances of getting a hit and winning.

You should note that in addition to the chance to win you can also have access to free spins, bonus games, multipliers and special prizes. These features are ideal for players looking for consistent benefits.

The “More” section 22Bet Casino

Within this section of the casino you will find subsections such as Bingo, TV Games and 22bet Games. A whole range of fun and relaxing board games where you can win instantly. In addition to these attractions; you can also participate with different TV games of the moment. 

Among the most popular classics, you can play an interesting variety of lotteries, 7 and a half, Keno, Domino, Scratch and Win, Wheel of Fortune and others. Just enter the section and get ready for fun. Find out more about 22Bet…

TV games

There are very few online casinos in the world that include two TV game providers: TVBET and Lotto Live. This is great because it doubles the fun for the platform's customers.


Available every day of the year, 24 hours a day, TVBET is the most popular TV game provider on the market. It presents a gaming system with an excellent level of sound and image, with the highest quality technology. Furthermore, the presenters are very professional and will make you experience a great fun adventure. Find out more about 22Bet…

You will be able to take part in several lottery games on the screen, among which the following stand out:

  • 5Bet : which consists of drawing 5 balls out of 36, with various game combinations for the win.
  • 7Bet : 7 balls to guess out of the 42 that are drawn.
  • Lucky6 : a complete lottery that allows you to try to draw 35 balls out of 48 present, in which the player can bet on six numbers. The sixth ball, the special one, allows you to win special prizes.

In addition to lottery games, TVBET  has a fast game called  Wheel Bet , which combines the features of American roulette with the famous Wheel of Fortune. Worth a try.

Finally, other classic games featured in this section are Blackjack , Keno , the traditional Wheel of Fortune , 21Bet and the War of Elements card game .

Lotto Live

Don't you ever get tired of trying your luck? With 22BET Live Lotto you will never get tired! In fact, you won't have a break if you want to always follow him. 24 hours a day the 22Bet Lotto won't leave you. The 22Bet channel is continuously and constantly active with Live presenters who will say all the numbers that the Goddess of luck wants you to have.

Lotto Instant win games, presented by the supplier Pin Projekt LTD, have been preparing lottery games from scratch, with their staff for over 10 years now, with great success, high definition and fluid games, created from scratch. 

Machines with increasingly updated software and designed to last longer and for more extractions, given that the broadcasts never stop working, in the various television studios. Find out more about 22Bet…

 More TV studios to ensure more choice and gaming possibilities. Choose from the most popular Lotto games such as: Keno 5/80, Keno 10/80, Lucky six, Win 5/20, Win 1/37, Win 10/20… Open the camera in the studio with your favorite game and wait for the your numbers! 


Atmosphere : American Bingo Roulette 38, Bingo, Battleship, European Bingo Roulette 37, Keno; 

JDB Bingo: Happy Lottery, Gold Rooster Lottery, Huaguoshan Legends, Beer Tycoon, Happy New Year, Birds and Animal, Cai Shen Bingo, Super Fruit, Classic Mario; 

MGA: Carnaval Bingo, Sunken City, Rock Live, Buffalo, Bikers, Vikings, Disco Love ‘80s, LasVegas;

And then many other bingo rooms offered by  Nsoft Lottery, Zitro, Lottorace . 

22Bet Games Selections

Not happy, the 22bet staff choose a myriad of additional virtual games to never get bored.  Card games, Slots, Climb to Victory, Lotteries, Dice, Others  (Dominoes, Penalties, Thrimbles, etc.) these are the other virtual categories chosen by 22bet for its customers.

From solitaire to classic and rarer games: adventure, logic, numbers, dice and obviously luck, always bring it with you with your intuition and the desire to win and have fun.

How can I get the 22Bet welcome bonus?

Like many other quality bookmakers, the highly sought after 22bet welcome bonuses could not be missing . On 22bet there are various bonuses for the casino and for betting of all kinds, daily, weekly and monthly promotions for the players most loyal to the platform. 

Furthermore, promotions are also available for VIP players who are rewarded for their loyalty. We will explain all this in detail shortly, but first we will give you some advice: 

The advice that will be fundamental and perhaps the most important is to carefully read all the "Terms and Conditions" of any bonus and promotion that you will receive from 22bet (to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings).

The second is to register for the newsletter to NOT MISS even a single VIP reward or special promotion from the platform, given that they are numerous but only appear in certain periods of the year (for example on holidays).

22bet Welcome Bonus : To receive the welcome bonus, all you need to do is make your first deposit and you will immediately be able to receive the 100% welcome bonus up to €122 for sports betting, special bets and also for esports. However, this is only if you did not tick the " I renounce all bonuses " box when you registered.

Friday Top Up Bonus : Yes, on this platform there is a bonus that you can collect every Friday! Simply top up your player account and you can receive 100% up to €100 for bets. Personal note: it is certainly one of the bonuses that I like most and that you will rarely find on other bookmakers.

Losing Bet Bonus : Have you lost your bets and don't feel like depositing more money? Don't worry, 22bet has the solution for this problem too. In fact, if you have lost or luck is no longer on your side... Simply contact support to ask for points to exchange on the 22bet shop. These points can be exchanged for free bets, free slot spins, etc.

Cashback Bonus : Find out how to get a 30% refund with the 22bet cashback bonus . With this superbonus you can have a refund of bets placed of a minimum of €1 up to a maximum total of €1000 and it will be automatically credited to your account every Tuesday.

Multiple Bonus of the Day : This fantastic and exclusive bonus from 22bet (I must say again it is the only bookmaker that will offer you an extra 10% in your parley). You will receive 10% more on the total odds of your bet slip.

Does 22Bet have an app for Android and iOS?

Yes! Are you tired of using the classic browser to have fun on your favorite gambling and casino site? It is true that its operation is optimal for browsing from any browser, but now we are increasingly used to always having what we like most with us so don't worry, 22Bet will take care of making you happy.

To always have your favorite bookmaker with you, 22Bet makes the 22bet application for iOS or Android available to all its players' devices. Download it directly from the official 22bet website, on the page dedicated to it! 

You will be able to access match statistics details in real time, from your mobile device as often as you want. Choose and customize  all the notifications  you will need to make the most of your 22bet application. 

You will have no escape or excuses! 22Bet App will notify you of the start of your game, also alerting you to the moment in which you can check the progress of the bet.

Is 22Bet safe?

Thanks to the use of Secure Socket Layer encryption, 22Bet is able to guarantee the protection of all data and conversations that take place with players, including winnings, payments, documents and everything that happens in and through the bookmaker. 

Belonging to the NO AAMS or No ADM casino category , you may find yourself with the problem of not finding or not having access to 22bet. In this case the advice is to install a VPN, to make your IP appear as if it were from another country, still guaranteeing safety and protection, but with access even if you are in Canada. 

Customer service at 22bet 

As far as 22bet  's  customer care is concerned , you can't ask for anything better. You will have direct access to chat  with operators available 24 hours a day on any page of the site. But there are also other contact methods for customer support besides the FAQ page.

Payments :;

Technical support :;

Complaints :;

Security Service :;

Privacy service : 

How can I deposit or withdraw on 22BET Online?

Are you unsure about payment methods? Often some gambling and casino sites like 22Bet are unable to be 100% clear on the proposals and solutions for top-up or withdrawal methods. 

This is not the case with 22BET . 

22Bet guarantees a page with all the details of use in the various countries and with the various options for withdrawals and/or top-ups. It has around sixty ways to play the 22bet monetary account: credit cards from the Visa circuit , Mastercard debit , Diners Club  and Discover . 

In the very practical and convenient list you can check the 22bet payment types you can use:  more than 20 recognized cryptocurrency coins that you can use, 5 e-wallets  for Canada, over  15 self-service terminals , a dozen  online banks , without leaving aside the possibility of using the bank transfer. 

All transactions are  carried out in a very short time , but what is much more important is that there are no commissions . As regards the bank transfer, there is a little bad news, which is already well known: it takes much longer to be processed. 

Then speaking of withdrawal and top-up limits  of 22Bet, it must be said that it is favorable to every type of  player: we are talking about a minimum top-up of 1 euro  to a minimum withdrawal of 1.50. 

Opinions and Reviews of 22Bet

Before really thinking about the comments, ideas, thoughts, criticisms on the 22Bet site it is better to think about the principle: the reasons why you decide to become part of a world of betting and casinos. Certainly, apart from curiosity and the desire to play and have fun, there is also the challenge and passion for sport and for one's team. 

Once we have considered our passion and desire to test our luck then we can start to consider all the useful details to turn our luck and our love for sport into profit. 

The choice of bookmaker will depend on the sports or casino games available on the platform and on the odds and winning possibilities that the site itself can guarantee to make the user experience. 

22bet is an expert! With its few years of existence, it offers a vast choice of sports and Live Casino tables,  bets accessible even after the game has started , niche and non-niche sports, among the highest odds, guaranteed payments . 

So you are a sports fanatic  and can predict the trends of the matches, what are you waiting for to win your bet? 

But what if you were an excellent Poker or BlackJack player  ? So put your skills to the test and win at the best tables the web has to offer. 

What are you waiting for? The platform is very simple  to use, perfect and non-tiring graphics, unparalleled sports, slots, casino and Bingo schedule . Quick and simple access even from mobile devices , payment and top-up methods of various types with various cryptocurrencies,  without commissions,  customer support always with you in Canadian

Still not convinced? Compare the vast choice that 22Bet has for you! Compare the odds!

22Bet information sheet

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Company that manages 22BetTechsolutions Group Ltd
AddressParthenonos 5, Flat 103, 2020, Nicosia, Cyprus.
Game licenseN# 8048/JAZ, issued by: Curacao eGaming license
TelephoneLive Chat directly on the site
Minimum deposit€10
Minimum bet/stake20 cents
Maximum bet/stake€15,000
Maximum win€150,000
Bonus sport€122
Casino bonuses€300 + 150 free spins on slot machines

FAQ (frequently asked questions) about 22Bet

Is 22bet licensed by the Gaming Inspection and Regulation Service (AAMS/ADM)?

It is currently not possible to obtain legality from the platform such as a regularly granted license for the country of Curaçao, allowing or playing in this way for users residing in Canada.

Does 22Bet offer a welcome bonus for betting?

Yes , 22Bet offers a 100% welcome bonus up to €122 for sports betting, the bonus will be automatically credited to your account as soon as you make your first deposit. If you don't want it, you must check (during registration) the box that says "I waive all bonuses".

How can I make a deposit on 22bet?

It's easy ! Log in, click on your username at the top right and then select “Deposit” from the drop-down menu, choose the desired payment method and select the amount, enter the bonus code and click on “Send” to, confirm the transaction and within seconds your account balance will be automatically updated.

How can I withdraw my winnings on 22bet?

Also in this case it is very simple , log in to 22Bet, then click on your username at the top right and select, in the drop-down menu, the item "Withdraw", then choose the desired payment method, the amount, and click on “Send” to confirm, furthermore the operation will be completed in a short time.

Does Bet22 offer any other bonuses besides the welcome one?

Certainly ! It offers various bonuses for both gambling and casino.

Currently, it offers its customers several cashback bonuses and free bonuses, as well as additional weekly reload bonuses and others that are systematically presented at certain times of the year!

It offers various bonuses for both gambling and casino. Currently, it offers its customers several cashback bonuses and free bonuses, as well as additional weekly reload bonuses and others that are presented systematically at certain times of the year.

Is 22Bet a reliable and safe site?

22Bet is more than reliable ! We can guarantee it, because before publishing this review online, we tested it extensively in all its aspects. Furthermore, all pages of the site are protected with the "https" protocol, so every customer's privacy is safe.

Can I deposit and withdraw instantly on 22bet?

Yes ! 22Bet Canada offers you the ability to make transactions using a variety of methods, both deposits and withdrawals are completed extremely quickly and free of charge.

Can I use bitcoins to fund my 22bet account?

Yes , you can use bitcoin and around 25 other different cryptocurrencies to fund your 22Bet account online.

What slots can I find?

At 22Bet you will find all the best slots from the most popular providers , including a Megaways series.

Does it offer a live casino?

Naturally , your casino has several rooms to play better live than a real casino, always accompanied by professional and trained croupiers.

Do you have an application dedicated to a mobile device?

Naturally 22Bet has its own dedicated application , but if you prefer you can play and bet comfortably from your browser without problems because the platform is mobile and will not cause any problems on your smartphone or tablet.

How can I contact 22bet customer support?

No site has a live chat in canadian , available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, almost immediately. If you prefer, on the "contacts" page, you can find several emails and if all this is not enough for you, there is also a complete FAQ section.

Are the reviews I find on TrustPilot reliable?

Pay attention to the 22Bet reviews you find on TrustPilot , one of the least reliable review platforms on the web when it comes to bookmakers, casinos and gambling sites in general. Often they are not verified reviews, and are not the result of a real direct experience, but are reviews paid for by various competitors (He has many enemies, including SRIJ to speak badly of him. Try inserting the coma review, and falsifying on TrustPilot is easy !

22Bet doesn't pay?

Yes , 22bet pays to all players, in some cases it will take some time for them to verify the documents on the first withdrawal. This is to avoid scams and money laundering.

Will I receive spam after registering with 22Bet?

Absolutely not ! 22Bet Canada will only contact you via email regarding your player account and special promotions.

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