“Conte e il Tottenham, un amore mancato: la Serie A lo riabbraccia a braccia aperte”


Antonio Conte and Tottenham Hotspur seem to have never had a honeymoon period. Despite moments of synergy, the Salento-born coach has always shown a certain impatience towards an environment he has never fully embraced. The qualification for the Champions League after the spectacular comeback last year had sparked a flame, but it has had to deal with the corrosive force of time. The feeling is that the team has not been able to make the hoped-for leap in quality, as evidenced by the precarious 3-3 draw against Southampton.

Conte has not spared the club from his criticism for some time now. He has been dissatisfied with the winter transfer campaign, which he believes should have included more experienced and high-quality players. The prospect of needing a few more years to catch up with the top teams has not been well received by the former coach of Juventus and Inter. He has not hidden his nostalgia for Italy, and the distance from his family has become unbearable.

In England, the “Conte-ball” has not been able to breach opposing defences. The three-man defence in Europe has highlighted its limitations, presupposing too obvious a retreat of the centre of gravity. In the Premier League, Tottenham’s performance in direct clashes has been up and down, while the reason for their lower position in the table can be found in their performance against smaller teams, a sphere that Conte has always emphasised during his time in Italy.

The Serie A has always been a conquest for the current Tottenham coach, who was responsible for the rebirth of Juventus and the rise of Inter. It is possible that the Bianconeri and the Nerazzurri may think of Conte again. “We haven’t won here for 20 years, we need to do something to change the situation,” he said. The table is set, and Italy is once again in Conte’s destiny. It is almost certain that the paths of Conte and Tottenham will diverge at the end of the season. The failure to renew the contract expiring next summer may have weighed heavily. It is a long farewell that is waiting only to be “consumed.”

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