Best Fortnite Deathrun codes for Creative mode (September 2022)

The Creative mode in Fortnite gives players the opportunity to create the game of their dreams, and one of the most popular map codes is Deathrun. There are plenty of Deathrun games to choose from so we’ve narrowed down some of the best map codes you can play in September 2022.

Fortnite’s Creative mode has inspired players to create some amazing maps spanning a variety of genres ever since the mode was first introduced to the game in 2018. Since then players have been able to experience Gun Games, Hide and Seek, Zone Wars and, of course, Deathruns.

Deathrun maps are a great way to practice and master movement in Fortnite, as well as providing a break from the typical battle royale action. Since movement is an essential skill for surviving on the Island and coming out victorious in build fights, Deathruns can be extremely useful if you want to improve your skills.

We’ve compiled a list of the very best Deathrun maps available for players in 2022 that you can check out below.


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Best Fortnite Deathrun Codes (September 2022)

Deathrun Map Code
Ice Cream Deathrun 2504-1001-5323
The Grapple Gun Deathrun 9496-9656-3332
21 Level Skyline Run 3759-6687-0977
New Movement Martex Deathrun
Default Slide Deathrun 1384-9725-0679
100 Level Default Deathrun 4056-1695-2605
Spy Games Deathrun 6302-2233-2728
Mixed Lava Lake Deathrun 3229-6168-3908
Frosty Farm Deathrun 3114-9806-2406
Ghost Train Deathrun 2374-3274-1094
Bounce Out Obstacle Course 0356-4964-5824
Tumble Lads 5361-9496-2479
Pirate Jonesy’s Deathrun 7452-9966-3879
More Wacky Ways To Die 9650-8149-3607
Fishstick’s Adventure Deathrun 0268-5437-7911
Duo Disco Deathrun 7662-4632-7482
100 Level Rainbow Deathrun 0388-5756-0977
Summer Splash Deathrun Race 3958-2152-5837
Relativity Deathrun 7024-4001-0960
Rockets vs Cars 0952-5252-2978
The 1 Minute Deathrun 3009-5833-7847
Cizzorz Deathrun 4.0 4043-5793-6999
Rainbow Runners 9654-3764-4414
The Void 7373-1875-6620
Athletic Deathrun 2723-5571-8409
Curse of the Cuddle Bears 8401-6899-4910
Jesgran’s Deathrun 2.0 1103-0256-3362
500 Level Default Deathrun 2223-7856-2968

We’ve gone into more detail about each Fortnite Deathrun code’s map below with screenshots and gameplay information so you can get a better idea of what each one entails, and figure out which ones you want to try out first.

They’re all incredibly fun and frustrating in equal measure, though, so you’re sure to have a good time no matter which one you choose.

Full breakdown of the best Fortnite Deathrun codes

Ice Cream Deathrun: 2504-1001-5323

rockpenguin360Each level in this Deathrun map is based on a different ice cream flavor!

This Deathrun code map is a unique and colorful experience as every level is based on a different ice cream flavor. Up to 3 players can take on the map at the same time and race to the finish line – climbing to the top of ice creams, and dodging various dessert-inspired obstacles along the way.

The Grapple Glove Deathrun: 9496-9656-3332

Grapple glove fortnite deathrun mapEpic Games / JaoikkiThis is a great way to practice with the new Grapple Glove.

Get to grips with Fortnite’s new Grapple Glove item in the latest deathrun map from creator Jaoikki, as you swing through various obstacles and attempt to avoid meeting an untimely end. There are more levels on the way soon, so check back regularly for more challenges.

21 Level Skyline Run: 3759-6687-0977

A screenshot of the 21 level skyline mapEpic Games / JallidusHopefully you’re not scared of heights.

In this original Deathrun map from Jallidus, you’ll navigate spikes, fire, and stomach-churning drops as you work your way across the rooftops of a city skyline at night. It’s one of the most difficult Deathruns we’ve featured in this list, so be prepared to get eliminated quite a few times before you complete it.

New Movement Martex Deathrun: 4717-8702-3098

Cover art for martex deathrunEpic Games / MARTEXTest out the movement mechanics introduced in Chapter 3 Season 2 with this Deathrun map.

This Deathrun code features all of the movement mechanics that were introduced in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, and is a great method to familiarize yourself with them. Additionally, with parkour being one of the prime attractions of this map, you are guaranteed to have a blast while practicing and honing your skills. This mode can be played with up to 16 players in the same lobby.

Default Slide Deathrun: 1384-9725-0679

A screenshot of the default slide deathrun map in fortniteEpic Games / KKSliderSharpen your reaction skills for this slide-themed map.

Looking for some slip-and-slide fun? This Chapter 3 map from the aptly-named creator KKSlider features a bunch of running, jumping, and sliding action as you attempt to make it to the end of the course. You’ll need razor-sharp reactions and perfect timing to avoid falling to your doom.

100 Level Default Deathrun: 4056-1695-2605

Artwork for the 100 level default deathrun in fortniteEpic Games / FxxD1Keep it cool as you try to navigate through this 100-level Deathrun.

With an additional level hidden away throughout its twisting corridors, this default Fortnite Deathrun code map from creator FxxD1 is that much harder to complete. You’ll need to race against a maximum of 19 other players as you try to navigate its deadly corridors, survive, and make it to the end.

Spy Games Deathrun: 6302-2233-2728

An image of the spy games deathrun in fortniteEpic Games / FortniteCreativeTutorialsChoose your allegiance and face off with up to 8 spies.

This difficult, Parkour-based Deathrun from FortniteCreativeTutorials changes things up slightly, allowing you to choose the Shadow or Ghost allegiance as you play with up to 8 spies in a game peppered with unique traps. What’s more, if one player completes the level, everyone else is able to zip forward and skip it, helping to seemingly keep everyone on a relatively even playing field throughout.

Mixed Lava Lake Deathrun: 3229-6168-3908

A screenshot of the mixed lava lake deathrunEpic GamesWhatever you do, don’t fall into the lava…

If you ever played ‘the floor is lava’ when you were younger, you’ll know exactly what to expect from this DHN-created deathrun map – avoid the lava and stay on the platforms. There are 50 levels to complete and up to 30 players can take part at any one time, which is sure to lead to some chaotic experiences.

Frosty Farm Deathrun: 3114-9806-2406

Frosty farm deathrun art from fortniteEpic Games / fhsupportCraving some Holiday-themed cheer? Try this Deathrun in Fortnite.

The Holiday season may be over, but you can still enjoy Frosty Farm from creator fhsupport to get your fill of festive cheer. As you navigate through the map, collecting 20 presents to unlock a bonus level, you can somewhat relax and take in the atmosphere with this easy difficulty Deathrun.

Ghost Train Deathrun: 2374-3274-1094

Ghost train deathrunEpic Games / RitualGet your fright on with this Ghost Train map.

If you’re sad about the end of spooky season and are looking for a Deathrun course to tide you over until next Halloween, look no further than this horror-themed Ghost Train map. It’s an easy difficulty Deathrun, so you can focus on enjoying the ghoulish surroundings and great attention-to-detail.

Bounce Out Obstacle Course: 0356-4964-5824

Fortnite bounce out deathrunEpic Games / eatyoushayThis obstacle course is frustrating but a lot of fun.

Ever dreamed of having a go on those wacky obstacle courses you see on weekend TV? Well, this might be the closest you’ll get! Another imaginative Fortnite course from veteran creator eatyoushay, the goal of this Deathrun code is to make your way through obstacles and beat your friends to the finish line without falling into the water.

Tumble Lads: 5361-9496-2479

Fortnite tumble lads deathrun codeEpic Games / 3dlabThis Fall Guys-inspired course looks amazing.

There have been plenty of Fall Guys imitators in Fortnite Creative, but this one really takes the cake. There are eight minigames to run (or tumble) through, all of them based on levels from the popular game Fall Guys, like Hex-A-Gone. It’s incredibly fun, and one of the best-looking Fortnite maps we’ve ever seen.

Pirate Jonesy’s Deathrun: 7452-9966-3879

Pirate jonesy deathrun fortniteEpic Games / FCHQThis could be the best Fortnite Deathrun map code of all time.

This pirate-themed Deathrun from FCHQ features 10 incredibly difficult levels, and if you complete them all, you’ll get the chance to encounter Pirate Jonesy himself in a boss fight. It took eight builders a total of three weeks to create this map, and it shows, as the amount of detail on display here is incredible. It might even be the best Deathrun out there.

More Wacky Ways To Die: 9650-8149-3607

Wacky ways to die fortniteEpic Games / subcloningWacky Ways To Die is one of the most fun Fortnite maps ever.

One of the most imaginative maps on this list is More Wacky Ways To Die, the latest installment from creator subcloning that offers up 15 levels to work your way through, with each one having a crazier way of dying than the last. Expect dinosaurs, giant toys, and bank heists.

Fishstick’s Adventure Deathrun: 0268-5437-7911

Fishstick's adventure deathrunEpic GamesFishstick is the star of this pirate-themed course.

This incredibly creative map merges the Deathrun genre with a fully-developed Pirates of the Caribbean-inspired adventure game, as players attempt to collect fish while avoiding dangerous obstacles like spikes and poison darts. Locations to explore include a beachside town, tropical islands, and a pirate ship.

Duo Disco Deathrun: 7662-4632-7482

Duo disco deathrunEpic Games / regiromCoordination is key in this duo Deathrun.

You’ll need to grab a friend to complete this epic Fortnite Deathrun map from creator regirom. Two players must master their coordination skills and timing to help each other get through the disco light-filled course, pressing switches to raise platforms and avoiding forcefield walls. Frustrating? Yes. Fun? 100%.

100 Level Rainbow Deathrun: 0388-5756-0977

Fortnite deathrunEpic Games / MeepCan you make it through all 100 levels?

This creation from Meep is a top-tier Fortnite Deathrun. You’ll have to avoid insta-death forcefields, make treacherous (and well-timed) jumps, and shoot targets to make floating platforms appear. The stages are described as being “easy to medium” difficulty, but good luck completing them all!

Summer Splash Deathrun Race: 3958-2152-5837

Fortnite summer splashEpic Games / Team UniteSummer Splash is an incredible Fortnite Deathrun map.

This 25-level Summer Splash map adds a whole new element to the Deathrun experience, as you’ll be competing against up to 15 other players. Not only will you have to make your way through a series of nautical-themed obstacles, but you’ll also need to collect coins and beat your opponents to the finish line. It’s hectic and a whole lot of fun.

Relativity Deathrun: 7024-4001-0960

Relativity fortnite mapEpic Games / absurditeRelativity is one of the most stylish Deathruns out there.

Relativity pitches itself as being unlike any other Deathrun in Fortnite Creative, and it certainly delivers on that front. This stylish black-and-white map from creator absurdite constantly keeps you on your toes and offers plenty of surprises as you play through its mind-bending puzzles. Reaching the finish line is difficult enough as it is, but with a world record to beat, you could be here for hours.

Rockets vs Cars: 0952-5252-2978

Cover art for rockets vs cars in fortnite creative

This interesting take on the Deathrun genre splits players into two sides: rockets and cars. The Rockets must try to get through a devilishly difficult Deathrun course and blow up the Cars, while the Cars must do their best to run down the Rockets. It’s absolutely hectic and adds a fresh spin on the Deathrun format, especially with the option to play 12 vs 12.

The 1 Minute Deathrun: 3009-5833-7847

Fortnite 1 minute deathrunEpic Games / fhsupportCan you finish this Deathrun in just one minute?

Another Fortnite map that offers something unique is The 1 Minute Deathrun from creator fhsupport. It’s set in a lush outdoor landscape, but you won’t have time to appreciate the design as you’ve only got one minute to complete the whole course. It’s a big challenge, but it is possible. Prepare for many, many failures.

Cizzorz Deathrun 3.0: 4043-5793-6999

Fortnite cizzorz deathrun 3. 0Fortnite / cizzorzCizzorz makes incredible Deathrun maps in Fortnite, so don’t pass up trying out this code!

No Fortnite Deathrun list would be complete without an entry from creator cizzorz, who has become well-known for his brilliant maps that offer a real challenge. Cizzorz Deathrun 3.0 is our favorite out of the collection, and it’s become one of the most popular Fortnite Deathrun maps of all time – so much so that there was even a competition to win actual prize money by competing on the course.

Rainbow Runners: 9654-3764-4414

Rainbow runners, a fortnite deathrun code mapEpic Games / snownymousRainbow Runners is harder than it looks.

Don’t let the colorful nature of Rainbow Runners fool you, this is a devilishly difficult Deathrun course that requires you to race, fly, and shoot your way through 10 unique levels as fast as possible. The simple and bold visual style from creator snownymous is a treat for the eyes.

The Void: 7373-1875-6620

Fortnite the void deathrunEpic Games / 3dlabThis assault course is based on the TV show The Void.

Love assault courses? Then this map is for you. Based on the hit UK game show The Void, this map features 20 stylish and fiendishly difficult levels that will really put your Deathrun skills to the test.

Athletic Deathrun: 2723-5571-8409

Athletic deathrunEpic Games / lemoon-ytFancy some track and field?

This impressive Fortnite Deathrun map code puts players in the shoes of an athlete, with 11 different athletic events to take part in. Up to 32 players can join in, or you can take it on solo. You’re also able to save your progress, which should make it a little less rage-inducing when you inevitably fail.

Curse of the Cuddle Bears: 8401-6899-4910

Fortnite curse of the cuddle bears, a deathrun code mapEpic Games / SkylarGemIf you want horror, you’ll find it with the Cuddle Bears.

This map from SkylarGem blends adventure and horror with classic Deathrun features for a totally creepy experience. Players must fight to “discover the dark truth” of the Tedi: Teddies of the Future factory, where something strange is happening. We recommend wearing the Cuddle Team Leader skin to truly immerse yourself in this map.

Jesgran’s Deathrun 2.0: 1103-0256-3362

Fortnite jesgran deathrun 2. 0Epic Games / JesgranThis map is like a movie.

After the success of their first map, creator Jesgran spent 400 hours making Jesgran’s Deathrun 2.0 and it was so worth it. You’ll feel like you’ve walked into a movie set with the crazy amount of detail on display here. It’s not just the classic spikes and drops you’ll be avoiding, as there are zombies and lava and plenty of other obstacles to traverse. Fortunately, you’ll have the help of tools like the Plunger and the Baller Vehicle to succeed.

500 Level Default Deathrun: 2223-7856-2968

500 level deathrunEpic Games / FxxD1500 levels? Good luck with that.

If you’re the ultimate Deathrun fan, this might be the map for you. With a whopping 500 levels to get through, you’ll have hours of fun (or frustration) ahead of you. The map’s creator FxxD1 describes it as ‘easy’ so it shouldn’t give you too much of a headache, but add up to 32 players to the mix and things can get very competitive.

How to use Deathrun codes in Fortnite

Fancy trying your hand at one of these incredibly challenging Deathruns that’ll put your skills to the test? Simply follow these steps:

  1. Load up Fortnite and enter Creative Mode.
  2. Approach one of the featured island rifts.
  3. Hold down the ‘Interact’ button on your corresponding platform to bring up the code menu.
  4. Enter the code above for the Deathrun you want to take part in.
  5. Walk into the rift, and that’s it!

Following Fortnite’s v17.50 update, you can now also enter a code on the playlist menu selection screen. Simply enter the playlist menu from the home screen and scroll across to ‘Island Code‘.

That’s it for our list of the best Deathrun codes in Fortnite Creative mode for September 2022. There are plenty more out there, and we’ll update as new maps get released.

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